Industrial Designer      Mechanical Engineer



             I am passionate about finding innovative, yet elegant, solutions to complex problems through a cohesive blend of my creative, aesthetic, and technical expertise. I welcome challenging problems that allow me to apply my existing knowledge while presenting continual opportunities to expand my skillset.


   Featured Work   

More work examples available upon request




Product Development Intern

DSCRT Engineering | Boulder, CO | April 2015 - February 2016 -Worked closely with the owner/engineer of a start-up product development firm, assisting in daily operations -Completed 3D printing cost optimization in order to maximize company profits -Assisted in basic CNC machining for prototyping

Industry Growth Forum Intern

National Renewable Energy Laboratory | Lakewood, CO | May 2013 - December 2013 -Conducted industry outreach for the Industry Growth Forum (IGF) at NREL -Created a lab wide organizational tool for the NREL Commercializqation Assistance Program (NCAP) -Since 2003, the IGF has raised $5 Billion in growth financing for cleantech companies world-wide

Engineering Design Intern

Evergreen Research Inc. | Golden, CO | June 2018 - August 2018 - Assisted in daily operations of this start-up product development firm
- Completed 3D printing cost optimization; maximizing company profits
- Assisted in basic CNC machining for prototyping

MSc. Product Development, Specialization Industrial Design

Jönköping University   |   Sweden







Microsoft Office Suite


BSc. Mechanical Engineering

University of Colorado Boulder   |   United States

MSc. Product Design Engineering

Universidad de Zaragoza   |   Spain




Work Experience

Ski Instructor 

Vail  |  Vail, CO  |  February 2017 - Present

Eldora Mountain Resort |  Nederland, CO  |  December 2012 - April 2016

NZSki: Mt. Hutt |  Canterbury Plains, New Zealand  |  June 2014 - August 2014


Willow Creek Restaurant  |  Evergreen, CO  |  May 2017 - August 2017

Office Manager

Mountain Vet to Pet |  Evergreen, CO  |  May 2016 - November 2016

Junior Trade Sales Associate

Boulder Ski Deals |  Boulder, CO  |  August 2015 - January 2016

Business Coordinator

Residence Hall Association, CU Boulder |  Boulder, CO  |  May 2013 - May 2014


Industrial Design

TD1R26: Design Communication I TD2S27: Design Communication II TDPR26: Design Philosophy and Practice TERS27: Ergonomics TIFR26: Industrial Product Realization TMDR26: Materials and Design TFEK17: Business and Economy

Mechanical Engineering

MCEN 5228: Aesthetics of Design MCEN 5045: Design for Manufacturability MCEN 4085: Mechanical Engineering Design Project 2 MCEN 4045: Mechanical Engineering Design Project 1 MCEN 4043: System Dynamics MCEN 4032: Sustainable Energy MCEN 4026: Manufacturing Processes and Systems MCEN 3208: Data Analysis/Measurements I&II MCEN 3037: Data Analysis MCEN 3032: Thermodynamics II MCEN 3030: Computational Methods MCEN 3025: Component Design MCEN 3022: Heat Transfer MCEN 3021: Fluid Mechanics MCEN 3017: Circuits and Electronics for Mechanical Engineering MCEN 3012: Thermodynamics I MCEN 2063: Mechanics of Solids MCEN 2043: Dynamics MCEN 2024: Material Science MCEN 2023: Statics and Structures MCEN 1025: Computer Aided Design/Fabrication MCEN 1000: Freshman Seminar

Humanities / Electives

HUEN 3100: Advanced Humanities for Engineers ASEN 3046: Humans in Aviation MUEL 3642: History of Jazz HIST 2999: History of Colorado (RRCC Transfer) MUEL 2772: Popular World Music SOCY 1001: Introduction to Sociology (RRCC Transfer)


EMEN 4825: Entrepreneurial Business Plan Development

General Engineering

GEEN 1500: Intro to Engineering

GEEN 1400: First Year Engineering Projects

GEEN 1300: Introduction to Engineering Computing

Applied Mathematics

APPM 2360: Differential Equations and Linear Algebra

APPM 2350: Calculus III

MATH 2300: Calculus II (RRCC Transfer)

APPM 1345/1340: Calculus I


PHYS 2170: Foundations of Modern Physics (Physics III)

PHYS 1140: Experimental Physics

PHYS 1120: General Physics II

PHYS 1110: General Physics I


CHEN 1221: Engineering General Chemistry I CHEN 1211: General Chemistry for Engineers


   About Me  

​​I’m continually inspired by the raw sensation of being in complete control over myself, while enveloped in a wild environment; an environment that knows no bounds and has no limits, yet feels so peaceful. I’m always ready to get out and explore; pushing myself both physically and mentally.

When I'm not in school or working, I enjoy skiing in the winter and mountain biking, backpacking, and sailing in the summer

I look forward to my next challenge, whatever that may be. I invite you to contact me below, should you have any questions or just want to get in touch!




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