Hotel Self Service Kiosk

Design Communication II | Jönköping University | Fall 2018

The kiosk is designed for initial implementation in the Swedish select service hotel market. The design is tailored to the business traveler segment with a simplistic and efficient layout. The system is easy to implement, congruent with current  interiors, and provides opportunities for additional revenue streams. 


Mood Board

Final Design

The kiosk was physically modeled at half scale primarily using foam. The model was made using both traditional machine shop tools and by hand. 

Physical Model

The final design aims to provide a form that blends into existing select service hotels, with multiple color options available. The UI/UX is simple and efficient, tailored towards frequent business travelers.

User Interface

The UI focuses on simplicity and congruency. Typing was eliminated, with simple document scanning for authentication. The integration of a loyalty program makes the program synergistically run with the entire hotel management system. 

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