"Take a Step"

Design Philosophy and Practice | Fall 2017 | Jönköping University

This is an artistically expressive sculpture based upon experiences along Lake Vättern at Stocklycke, Sweden. The sculpture was the culmination of a 3 day trip to Stocklycke with fellow design students. On one day I sat in my hammock on the shore and developed the three words that ultimately personified the sculpture. As I wanted to symbolically convey feeling in my sculpture, I first focused on the words that symbolized the moment. I was in a foreign country, thousands of miles from home, sitting in a impossibly serene location, all to myself, not a sound but the wind whistling through the trees and the waves gently lapping against the rocks. As an avid and perpetual traveler, I felt "Traveler" was not only fitting for how I live my life, but also an applicable metaphor for the current situation; I was able to transport my thoughts and emotions away and be truly in the moment. Being in this environment, I then thought about what it meant, or, as it was still early in the semester, what I wanted it to mean. I arrived to this conclusion after realizing my subconscious cognizance of the placement of my footsteps, so as not to make any lasting disturbance, as I walked through the forest on my way to my current location. “Impact” seemed to encapsulate this feeling. Again, I sank deep into my hammock, to feel the moment. It was in this moment, that I found “clarity” to be the word that brought it all together. I was in an environment so foreign to me, yet through clearing my mind and being fully present, I was able to find clarity and direction, seeing things that I didn’t when I first arrived. Therefore, I translated “transported,” “impact,” and “clarity” into this sculpture.

The sculpture was presented and placed on temporary exhibit at Vandalorum, an art museum in Värnamo, Sweden, in November 2016.


The presentation at Vandalorum was accompanied by a poem. This poem further explained the meaning behind the sculpture.

Definite a step may be

Ever-present is a void

Only once we fill that void

We are lead to truly know what,

A step may be

Take a step

© 2018 Brendan Warren

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