Shower Mixer

Materials and Design | Fall 2017 | Jönköping University

This modern shower mixer was designed with a focus on sustainability, both in usage and material selection. The design was kept minimalist and simple as to blend into as many homes as possible. The design and materials aligned with the middle market segment. 


A full material analysis was conducted for all exterior components. Materials were selected due to their excellent properties and recyclability. Chromium was especially avoided in all components due to its environmental implications.

The user interface was designed to provide options to increase the user's environmental friendliness and product satisfaction. The user is able to precisely control flow rate (with marked suggestions), temperature, and nozzle combinations (with marked suggestions).    

The overall dimensions were governed by European Union building code standards. Specifically, this pertained to width (inlet water pipe spacing) and height (installation and ergonomics of control panel).

The CAD model was built in SolidWorks with renders done in KeyShot and final editing done in Photoshop. 

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