Design Communication I | Jönköping University | Fall 2017

This project was an exercise in form language. The challenge was to create a toaster following the form language of a 2017 Volkswagen Beetle. The toaster was designed to be foreseeable as a product immediately implemented into today's market. 

The process consisted of ideation sketching and clay modeling, followed by CAD surface modeling in Alias with all rendering done in KeyShot, and finally a full size physical model. The model was built using various machine shop machines as well as hand tools. 

The final model was exhibited at the campus library in February 2018.


The toaster was designed following the form language of a 2017 Volkswagen Beetle. Many key elements of the car were identified. These elements were included in the toaster, while being manipulated to also fit the form of a toaster.

Final Design

The final design incroporated
many of the distinctive design features
found in the 2017 Volkswagen
Beetle. It was modeled in Alias
and rendered in KeyShot.

Physical Model

A full-size model of the toaster was
produced in order to physically
communicate the form. The model
was made from foam using traditional
shop tools.

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